Here at Sevauhn's Shop We continuously  Strive to bring you the best  electronic products at the lowest prices around, without sacrificing quality.   We are always open to new sugestions concerning our product line, product quality, customer service, and everything else we can do to make your experience better. So by popular demand we have teamed up with the good folks at R & R Fragrances and they have been gracious enough to allow us to add  their fragrance section to our quality selection lineup.  For all your scented needs

1/3oz roll on available in your favorite selection


R & R Fragrance's  best selling item, the 1/3 oz roll on. Portable for day as well as night use. Easily carried in a purse as well as a pocket   .Applied simply by a roll of the included applicator, scented with your "got to have smell"     for ease of use and all of your scented needs